What is Weekly GPS Tracking History?

Weekly GPS tracking history is the best tool in terms of employee monitoring and quite feasible for parenting. It allow user to track the weekly GPS history of the target with complete time stamp that keeps the parents and employers about children and employees location and visited placed respectively.

Monitor Weekly GPS Tracking History with Cell Phone Spy App


User can easily get their hands on weekly GPS tracking history of the target person by tracking the location of the target device. cell phone spy app tool GPS location tracker provide user GPS location history along with detail of longitude and latitude once ogymogy cell phone spy app installed on the target device.

Uploaded to Web Portal

Location history of the entire week can easily monitor with the help of GPS location tracker tool of the phone spy app for android on the target device. However, weekly GPS location history will be uploaded to the web portal of the location tracker app.


No matter how many places the target person has visited and how much he/she has traveled, you can monitor the weekly GPS location history of the android device with complete time schedule.

Remotely track & view weekly GPS tracking history with OgyMogy location history tracker

Parent’s worries about their kids and teens are a common thing to know and every mother and father has their feelings to protect their children and keep them under their utmost care and love and affection. But the modern young generation is very irresponsible and from a very young they come up with flag that they have their own rights to spend their live as they wish to. Well Ok! We accept that they have their own privacy and have right to make their decisions, but at the same time they have to be responsible when it comes to inform about their presence about the places they have visited in whole day.

The same is the case with the employees these days working for the multinationals who usually assigned for an official visit in order to meet the clients. But on the other hand they ended up with the work to fulfill the formality and then hangout with the friends and family on the name of official work.


No more lies with parents & no more bluff with employers

The modern technology can easily deal with all lies and the bluffs from the children and employees respectively especially when it comes to know where they were. The cell phone monitoring app that is enables a user to track the entire GPS tracking history of children and employees. It empowers the parents to remotely view the places kids and teens have visited within the whole week along with the complete time stamp. On the other hand employers can do the same they can install the cell phone location history tracker and get to know the weekly location history and catch their employees when they are laying.

How weekly GPS tracking history tool works?

Parents and employees just need to install the cell phone tracking app on the kids and employees device having physical access on it. After they have ended up with the process they just need to use the credential they have got through an email. Use the passcode and ID and then get access the online control panel and visit the GPS location tracking tools. User will need to choose the weekly GPS tracking history and then make a click on it. It will provide user complete detail of the location history of children and employees respectively. Parents & employees can use the GPS location tracker to deal with the lies and bluffs of the employees.