What is WhatsApp Screen Recorder?

WhatsApp screen recording app lets you to make short videos of the screen back to back when target user is using WhatsApp social media app on the device. User can get to know the messenger activities to the fullest in real-time.

Record WhatsApp Messenger Activities on Cell Phone Screen


When it comes to the monitoring of WhatsApp chat conversations happens on the messenger. You can use WhatsApp screen recorder and record the screen of the target android phone when the messenger is activated. You will be able to read chat conversations of the instant messaging app.

media files

WhatsApp shared media files can be monitored with the help of WhatsApp screen recorder app. It allow user to record the screen of the target android mobile phone when target person using WhatsApp social media app and can view the recording by getting access to the OgyMogy online control panel.

WhatsApp Voice messages

User can monitor the WhatsApp Voice messages logs sent through target device installed WhatsApp messenger using the WhatsApp screen recording software. It empowers the user to make short videos of the screen when Voice calls are being made by the target cell phone user.

Whatsapp Screen recorder enables you to discover screen activities of WhatsApp messenger on the target device

OgyMogy screen recording tool provide assistance to the user to unveil the hidden activities performed by the target cell phone user by recording the screen when messenger is running on it. User can remotely view the activities along with the complete time stamp by getting access to the online control panel of the cell phone monitoring app.

  • Text messages
  • Chat conversations
  • Shared files
  • VOIP Calls
  • Voice messages

How WhatsApp screen recorder works?

If you want to view the WhatsApp activities on someone’s cell phone device, then you have to install the cell phone monitoring software on the target device having physical access. Once you have done with installation process you need to use the credentials to get access to the OgyMogy parenting & employee monitoring dashboard. Then you further need to visit the features such as WhatsApp screen recorder tool. It will enable you to make short videos of the target mobile phone screen and then deliver the videos to the dashboard. You can access these videos to the web portal and get to know what is happening on the messenger.

WhatsApp screen recording best for parenting & employee monitoring

No matter what sort of activities kids and teens are performing on the cell phone using the WhatsApp messenger. OgyMogy WhatsApp screen recorder will give you the best short to monitor the messenger activities by recording the screen of the instant messaging app WhatsApp used by the target person. However, it is as effective and the best tool to monitor on the employees WhatsApp activities on the company’s owned devices to prevent unwanted or unauthorized breach by dishonest employee and to stop time wasting activities within the working hours.