What is WhatsApp Spy App?

WhatsApp spy app can monitor messenger logs such as chat conversations, messages, audio and video calls, shared media files as photos and videos with time stamp to the fullest. Furthermore, user can listen to the WhatsApp voice messages.

Spy on WhatsApp Messenger with WhatsApp Monitoring Software


WhatsApp chat conversations are possible to monitor on the target android device by using the WhatsApp spy app. It enables a user to spy on the target device installed messenger text messages conversations with complete time stamp. User just needs to install the mobile phone spy app and need to activate the WhatsApp monitoring software.

Audio & Video Call Logs

WhatsApp enable a user to make audio and videos calls and user can get access to its logs using the WhatsApp monitoring app on the target device. You just need to install ogyMogy cell phone spy app on the target device and need to activate the WhatsApp monitoring app on the target device and user can view the audio and video call logs.


You can monitor all the sent WhatsApp voice calls on the target android cell phone. User just need to install the mobile phone monitoring app on the target phone and then get access to the online control panel and activate the WhatsApp Voice messages tool and user can get the logs of instant messenger.

OgyMoGy WhatsApp Voice

OgyMogy lets you to monitor WhatsApp Voice calls convincingly

OgyMogy Voice calls monitoring software empower the user to monitor all WhatsApp voice messages on the target android phone with complete time stamp. However it monitors audio and video files sent or received on the target device.


How OgyMogy WhatsApp Voice monitoring app works?

When you are up to monitoring of the WhatsApp Voice calls on the target android, your device needs to be rooted and if you are up to monitors IOS Voice calls then it needs to be jailbreak. Then you will be able to monitor the WhatsApp Voice calls on the WhatsApp messenger installed on target android or IOS device. OgyMogy monitoring app enable a user to listen or monitors the WhatsApp Voice messages to the fullest and you can get access to it with the help of online control panel of the android monitoring app.

  • Voice messages or Voice calls sent/received
  • Text messages, emojis, emotion stickers sent/received
  • Multimedia files videos & photos

How OgyMogy voice calls monitoring app helps you?

Instant messenger are very popular among kids and teens and they use it all day long on their cell phones of android and IOS. They sent or received Voice calls or messages to the peers and even to those they don’t know in real –lives. So, parents can monitor their Voice messages to protect them to be a victim of the strangers such as stalkers with the help of WhatsApp Voice messages monitoring tool of the OgyMogy monitoring software.


OgyMoGy WhatsApp Chat


Monitor WhatsApp chat, call logs & multimedia with OgyMogy monitoring Monitor app

WhatsApp is an instant messenger that is free, end to end encrypted and user –friendly social media app. This is the main reason behind its popularity. Just pick someone’s android phone device such as your kids and teens and even your employees company’s owned device, am sure you will find out it on the device.

If you want to monitor someone’s whatsApp and chat conversations, Voice calls and media files. You may be confused and sit idle that how it is possible to breach the enclave of whatsApp social media app account of your target person. You can monitor whatsApp on android with OgyMOgy WhatsApp monitoring app.

OgyMogy WhatsApp monitoring software capable of:

  • View all the text material and monitor WhatsApp other activities
  • Listen to audio & video conversations
  • Monitor WhatsApp media files such as shared photos and videos
  • See the detailed contact information and receiver of the media files
  • See the time stamp of each and every single activity happen on WhatsApp messenger
  • Get access to the WhatsApp chat conversation by getting access to the online control panel of the WhatsApp monitoring app

Why you need to use WhatsApp monitoring software?

There is no doubt about that the WhatsApp instant messaging app is end to end encrypted and have user –friendly interface. However, having the enough security, even than it can unveil the private data of the user when it comes to store personal photos, private shared documents and other confidential data.

WhatsApp chat monitoring app is best for parenting?

Parents can monitor kids and teens activities on the WhatsApp messenger installed on the children android phone. They can view sent or received messages, text conversation, audio and video conversations and shared media along with Voice calls with complete time stamp. This will let parents to know what kids and teens are doing on the social messaging app to the fullest.


How WhatsApp monitoring software best for employee monitoring?

As we know that WhatsApp is the social media app that provides free services of communication, sharing private documents and for audio and video conversations. That’s why it’s been widely used in the offices. Employers can monitor company’s owned and android gadgets and cell phones and get to know if employees are wasting time with in the working hours or doing something fishy against the company private information via WhatsApp messenger.

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