OgyMogy lets you switch Android devices at any time.

Parents can monitor multiple Android devices one by one, and they can use the switch your device features at any point in time. You can use the same license of android tracking on more than one device to set parental control or keep an eye on your employees. You don’t need to get multiple subscriptions back and forth switch from one device to another.

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OgyMogy empowers you to switch your device any time

When you are monitoring someone’s device and suddenly you have made your mind to switch your target device then the cell phone tracking app empowers you to switch from an under surveillance device to another any time. It means you are privileged to track another phone with the same license but the operating system of the target device would be same. No matter how many android devices you are going to monitor but you can use your license on the number of devices with similar OS.

switch your device

Switch your device designed for:

For Parental perspective:

The particular OgyMogy feature is designed for parental control necessities. Parents who have a couple of children and they all have mobile devices of the same OS, you can switch your device after completing the monitoring process from one device and use the same license on another device of your child. It means you can track plenty of devices no matter how many your kids own android devices. You can set parental control on every device using the same license. You can track on kid’s text messages, phone calls, social media, emails, location and many other activities with mobile monitoring app.

switch your device Parental

switch your device Business

For Business perspective:

A business organization contains plenty of employees and all of them have business-owned devices. Surveillance on employees these days are necessary due to plenty of reasons. Therefore, employers must prefer the best mobile tracking app to track on suspicious and lazy employees. Ogymogy enables business professionals to monitor employee’s activities on the company’s owned devices. Usually, employers should have multiple licenses to track dozens of employee’s activities. However, you can use the phone surveillance app on multiple devices one by one in an emergency to tackle disgruntled or rogue employees at the workplace rather than buying multiple licenses at once.

Android surveillance app tool switch your device enables you to:

  • Track more than one android device with single license
  • Don’t require another license to track on another device
  • Switch between the devices of same operating system
  • Monitor your teens cellphones one by one with single license
  • Monitoring of employees devices of Same OS with one license
  • Store the data of all the device using single dashboard

OgyMogy Features that provide you a complete insight into the android cellphone for digital parenting & employee monitoring.

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