What is Chrome Screen Recorder?

Chrome screen recording app is an ultimate, reliable, efficient and accurate tool when it comes to recording of the browsing activities running on the chrome installed on the target mobile phone device. User can view the recording and get to know the complete browsing activities.

Chrome Screen Recording Softwares Monitors Browsing on Chrome

Browsing Activities

Chrome screen recorder is the tool that facilitates parents to get access to all the browsing activities of kids and teens that they perform on their android cellphone and gadgets installed chrome browser. So, parents can stay updated by making short videos of the screen when the chrome is being used on mobile phone screen.


No matter what types of queries your kids and teens have searched over the chrome browser, chrome screen recording enable you to make back to back short videos of the screen when chrome is being used by the children and then send to the online control panel. Parents can get to know whatever children have searched for.

Visited websites

No matter what types of websites and how many websites target person has visited on the chrome browser using chrome screen recording tool. So, parents can get to know what kind of content their kids and teens are used to of visiting on their android mobile phone installed chrome browser.

Chrome Screen recorder an ultimate monitoring tool to monitor target phone’s browsing activities

Simply but with sheer accuracy and efficiency get access to the target cell phone browser and come to know what is happening in terms of activities along with complete time stamp. All you need to do that to install the OgyMogy cell phone monitoring software on your target cell phone and gadgets running with android and IOS operating systems. It helps you out to view visited websites and bookmarked websites on the smartphone browser.

  • Bookmarked websites
  • Visited websites

Learn! How you can use it effectively and convincingly?

First and foremost user has to install the OgyMogy cell phone tracking app on the target cell phone. Then use the password and ID that you have got at the time of subscription and get access to the online control panel and then visit the monitoring tools and activate the chrome screen recorder and the activities being performed by the target user will automatically sync to the dashboard.

Is it helpful for parenting & employee monitoring?

Obviously, parents can get to know the hidden cell phone browser activities of kids and teens. They can come to know what sort of apps and websites they have visited on their cell phones and gadgets along with the complete time stamp that helps them out further that how much time they have spent on a particular websites and what sort of websites they have visit the most. Moreover, employers can monitor their employee’s activities within the working hours to avoid time wasted activities in order to boost up the productivity of the business.