Keep a hidden eye monitoring eye on kid’s and employees activities on windows devices

OgyMogy windows monitoring tool enable parents to catch their kids and teens if they are visiting inappropriate websites, addiction of video games, use of instant messengers and encounters with cyber predators such as stalkers, online bullies, sexual predators, child abusers and last but not the least stop children to reveal their private information to the strangers.

On the other side employers can get to know to keep a monitoring eye on all the actions performed by the employees on the company’s owned laptop and desktop windows machines in order to prevent time-wasting activities, to stop unauthorized breach to the confidential data by an employee and even to prevent them to touch a malicious link they received emails.


What makes users to think OgyMogy windows monitoring app is the best among all

Get reports

Get user-friendly reports about all the activities happen on the target window laptop/desktop device


You can capture on-demand Screen Shots of all the activities happen on the target windows computer device screen

Block Websites

You can block the websites you want to on the target windows computer that is inappropriate for you

Mighty Alarms

Fix the mighty alarms on certain activities that you want to keep a monitoring eye on it to get to know the activities nature

Invisible Mod tracking

Perform stealth mode of monitoring of target windows device for parenting and employee monitoring purposes

Online & Offline Tracking

OgyMogy windows monitoring app allows the user to do online & offline monitoring and measurement of the employee productivity

Real-Time Monitoring

You can get to know all the activities of your kid’s and employees in real-time with ogymogy windows spying app

Simple Setup & Usage

You just need to install the windows monitoring software on the target windows machine and start monitoring to the fullest

Reports of Windows monitoring are underneath

Top Categories

Watch the target windows user visited websites, either productive or unproductive to keep an employee’s activities

Read Emails

OgyMogy windows email spy software let the user keep an eye on the sent or received emails on the target windows computer device

Activity logs

OgyMogy empower the user to view the logs of the activities happen on the target windows machine after installation

Alarm logs

Ogymogy Windows alarms logs will give users made-to-order reports of automatic alarms signals on remote control panel


OgyMogy spy software for windows is been developed for the purpose of setup management stats and productivity

Strokes & Clicks

You can view the exact number of keystrokes and mouse clicks made by the target user on the windows PC with Ogymogy app

Visited Websites

Visited websites on the target windows machine by the user along with the duration of every single visited website

Visited Apps

OgyMogy empower to monitor visited apps. Monitor every single activity of employees either productive & least productive

Thrilling and result oriented way to monitor windows computer with OgyMogy

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