What is Remote Screen Recorder?

Remote screen recording app enables a user to remotely capture the screenshots by applying multiple time intervals on the target device. Moreover, user can view the captured screenshots to the fullest having access to the control panel.

Make Screenshots of Activities happen on Cellphone Screen

On–demand Screen Recorder

On demand screen recorder enable user to make short videos of the screen according to your needs remotely and whenever you want to spy on activities performed on target android cell phone screen. It means you record all the activities happen on the target mobile phone screen with on demand screen recording tool.

Videos Screen

Video screen recorder empowers the user to record the particular video running on the cell phone screen remotely or being recorded through cell phone camera. You can record the videos of your kids and teens when they are viewing the videos or making the videos using cell phone back and front camera.

Passwords Screen Recorder

Password screen recorder app brings you to the password applied on the target mobile phone screen such as screen lock password in the shape of digit passwords or pattern passwords. You can make short videos of the screen using remote screen recorder tool and get to know the password applied on target device.

On–demand screen recorder give you benefit to perform the screen recording on the device when needed

You can record the screen of a target cell phone device of android anything happens on it. All you need to do is to set multiple time intervals such as 15 sec, 30 sec and 60 sec. Once a user have set the timings to initiate the process of on-demand screen recording, then send a command on the target mobile phone device. Once the command has received, it will start recording of the screen to capture all the activities in the shape of short videos and further send it to the online control panel.


How does on-demand screen recorder work?

Sitting idle gives you nothing, but the installation of the cell phone monitoring app on the target mobile phone of android having a physical access on it. Furthermore, you have to use the credentials that you have got at the time you have subscribed for the parenting app. Use the passcode and ID that you have received via email and get access to the online control panel. Now visit the monitoring features and tap on on-demand screen recorder and you will have all the activities the target user have performed on the cell phone screen in the shape of short recorded videos.

How it is helpful for parenting & employee monitoring?

Parents can keep their eyes on the activities of the children that they perform on parents own cellphones, gadgets and even on the computer machines. They can use the on –demand screen recording tool of the OgyMogy monitoring software. However, employers can also make a check on the company’s owned devices assigned to the employees for productivity. They can stop the employees to waste of the time within the working hours having complete information regarding their activities.