What is Kik Screen Recorder?

Kik screen recording software is kind of tool that makes you to record the screen when the target user is using Kik instant messaging app on the target cellphone. You can view the recording and get to know the activities with complete time stamp and can use it as parenting responsibility.

Record Kik Messenger Activities Activated on Cellphone Screen


User can monitor Kik chat conversations to the fullest running on the target android cell phone device screen. You just need to get access to the OgyMogy online control panel and activate the Kik screen recorder and record videos of the target mobile phone screen when the messenger is activated and target user doing chat conversations.


Shared icons, Emojis, photos, videos kik video chat and other multimedia activities are easy to get access in with the help of kik screen recording software. It helps you out to do recording of the target android cell phone screen when target user is using kik instant messaging app multimedia.

Messages Sent/Received

You can view all the sent and received Kik messages and get to know the activities of your teens with the help of Kik screen recorder. It enables a user to make short videos of the target android cell phone screen when messenger is being used for sending and receiving text messages.

Kik screen recorder enables user to record screen activities to monitor the messenger activities performed by the target user

OgyMogy kik screen recording provides you each and every single activity performed by the target user on kik messenger on its device. It empowers the user to do screen recording of the target mobile phone when messenger is running on the mobile phone device.

  • Sent or received text messages
  • Chat conversations
  • Multimedia files
  • Stickers and Emojis

How OgyMogy Kik screen recorder works?

Install the parenting software, but it requires having physical access on the target cell phone. When user have ended up with the procedure of installation, then use the credentials and get access to the cell phone monitoring software online control panel. Now turn towards the screen recording tools and use Kik screen recording and send a push notification on the target android phone device. It will do cell phone screen recording and no matter what is happening on the device screen will recoded and further delivered to the dashboard. User will get the kik screen recording by visit the web portal and can get to know the activities to the fullest.

How is OgyMogy Kik screen recording beneficial for parenting?

The social media activities can put your teen’s online and real life privacy at stake and kik social messaging app is one of the frequent used platforms among the children. So, parents have to be careful and they can monitor children’s kik instant messaging app activities with kik screen recording app and protect their children from all the legitimate vulnerabilities they can trap into by online predators. They just need to install the cell phone monitoring app for android on the target device and can recording screen activities to stay updated about children’s kik messenger activities.