Track email keystrokes on a computer with keylogger software

You can read and track emails sent/received on mac laptop and desktop devices using keystrokes logging software. It empowers you to monitor and record keystrokes used on email. You can get email passwords, monitor email content remotely from the dashboard. Email keystrokes let you know what sort of email target device the user has sent.

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Record Email keystrokes on MAC computer using keylogger App

You can read emails sent or received on someone’s laptop devices running with Mac operating systems having access to the keystrokes applied on the Gmail. Install keylogger software on the target device and after the activation process get access to its dashboard where you need to tap on the keystrokes logging app to monitor keyboard strokes applied on sent or received emails. It helps out users to have password keystrokes, typed content key logs, primary, social and promotional email sent/received on Gmail. Users can read the content and get to know what it is all about. Moreover, all the keyboard strokes of the email uploaded to the web control panel.

Email Keystroke MAC

Keylogger software for MAC designed for:

For Parental perspective:

The more your kids and teens are facing cyber threats the higher the demand of protection. Youngsters these days are facing serious issues of received links via emails that could lead them towards pornography, digital playgrounds full of online predators and nudes images. Before you child become sexually obsessed you can track email keystrokes using software keylogger for computer device. So, parents can get their hands on the all the keyboard strokes used on sent/received emails of Gmail. It could be about Gmail password key logs, chat conversations, and content of the e-mail with time schedule. All the monitored key logs uploaded to the OgyMogy control panel automatically that you can get having access your children mail account.

Email Keystroke MAC Parental

Email Keystroke MAC Business

For Business perspective:

Email monitoring over the years has got its importance particularly in business organizations to make sure about productivity, email marketing, sent/received electronic mails to clients and other purposes. An employer can remotely get to know what kinds of electronic mails have been sent/ received on business on laptop and desktop computers. So, business owners can prevent data sharing by reading the subject of Gmail using the OgyMogy MAC keylogger. Moreover, employers can get access to the saved password of an e-mail account on the target computing device. It helps you out to track all the received malicious URLs received on a target computer device active with the Gmail account. So, employers can make sure business protection from cyber threats and activities of rogue employees within.

OgyMogy email keystrokes logging app enables you to:

  • Track on email keyboard strokes on target MAC laptop device
  • Track e-mail password and login ID key logs saved on target computer device
  • Read the content of the sent/received G-mail on target desktop device
  • Get to know what sort of electronic mails teens have sent/received
  • Track on employees emails on company’s owned laptop MAC devices
  • Secretly read the messages and communication happen of employees via e-mail

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