What is Telegram Spy App?

Telegram spy app is one of the best tools of the cell phone monitoring software that enable a user to get access to target device installed telegram instant messaging app. User can view the social media app logs such as text messages sent or received, Videos and photos sent or received, shared media as sticker, Emojis and last but not the least Telegram Voice messages.

Spy on Telegram Messenger with Telegram Monitoring Software

Text Messages

Telegram instant messenger is popular among the users and even in the youngsters. So, parents are always pretty concerned on IM’s activities of teens and kids including telegram. So, they can monitor text messages sent/received logs by using the Telegram spy app and get view the text messages logs having access to the online control panel of the mobile phone spy app.

Voice Calls

Now listen to all the Voice calls on the target android mobile phone installed social media app Telegram and get to know what sort of Voice messages have been sent by the target person. Use Telegram monitoring app and get access to the social networking app and listen to the Voice messages with complete time stamp.

Shared Media

Telegram spy software empowers you to track all the multimedia shared on the messenger running on the target device such as photos and videos, Emojis, stcikers and Gifs. It will work in a sneaky way and lets user to get access to all the activities happens to be on the social messaging app including shared media.

Monitor telegram Voice with cell phone monitoring software

OgyMOgy monitoring lets you to monitor telegram messenger voice by getting access to target cell phone of android or IOS running with telegram instant messaging app with complete time schedule.


How OgyMogy Telegram monitoring tool works?

Before you are going to use cell phone monitoring app, you need to root the target android cell phone device. On the other hands if you are going to monitor IOS device running with telegram instant messaging app then you have to jailbreak the target device. Then you will be able to install the OgyMOgy monitoring app and you will be able to view all the activities happen on the target phone on which target person is using telegram social networking app.

Following are the logs of Telegram messenger you can get using telegram monitoring app

  • Messages sent or received
  • Videos and photos sent or received
  • Sent Voice calls
  • Emojis, stickers, and Gifs sent or received

How OgyMogy Telegram Voice monitoring help users?

Cell phone Voice monitoring app for telegram. It helps out parents to know what is happening on the target messenger and to who kids and teens are having Voice conversations. OgyMogy monitoring software can record Voice activities happen to be on the telegram running on the rooted android device and jailbreak IOS device. Parents can use it for parenting purposes and get to know what their kids and teens are doing on telegram social media app. This will keep parents up to date about interactions of the children with online predators and parents will easily take action to protect them. Moreover, employers can monitor their employees activities on company’s owned gadgets if found using telegram social media app.