Use Windows tracking to monitor reports remotely

You can get time to time reports of target laptop desktop device remotely using windows monitoring software. Track every activity your kids and employees have performed on the target PC secretly and send reports to the web control panel. Parents and employers can examine what Kids and employees are up on the target devices without them knowing.

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Get Windows reports from time to time with windows monitoring software

You can monitor Windows laptops and desktops easily but you just need to install the OgyMogy windows tracking app on the target device. After you have done with the installation process then complete the setup and get access to its control panel using password and ID. Now you can get access to the multiple features likewise PC reports, make a tap on it and you will get instant user –friendly reports regarding activities that occurred on the target laptop device with the schedule.


OgyMogy windows reports feature designed for:

For Parental perspective:

The omnipresent high-speed internet access has made tough for parents to protect teens and children from online dangers. Now parents can become outsmart against kids’ activities on home computer devices. Moreover, parents can cover every base and further can checks what teens are doing all the time on their digital devices in such a short period. You can use the windows monitoring app on the target device and get from time to time reports about all the activities teens have performed on their desktops computer devices. Now you being parents can become the best judge for kids of what best for them. You can get reports of visited websites, screen activities, social media platform reports, chats and conversations reports and plenty of others alike.

Reports Parental

Reports Business

For Business perspective:

Business organizations are facing these days’ significant breaches, and disruptions make them victim of hackers and data losses. Moreover, time-wasting activities of employees, the use of malicious applications and data breaching to gain some kind of benefits are the main problem for business owners especially when they equip employees with laptop devices. Nowadays, employers can prevent breaches and disruptions with the windows pc monitoring app. It further enables employers to keep an eye on every single activity of employees by getting desktop PC device reports back and forth. Once employees get access to the unauthorized data folder or perform activity employers get to know instantly. Business owners can capture screenshots; surround conversations, screen recording and other activities to stay updated all the time.

Windows monitoring software enables you to:

  • Track on all the activities happen on target desktop device
  • Get activities schedule and reports of screen activities
  • Track live screen activities and text conversations on computer device
  • Monitor teens browsing history and social media activity reports
  • Get reports of all the activities target person have done on windows
  • Track on employees activities on windows in working hours

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