Track location history of windows remotely using Window monitoring software

You can break into any windows device to track windows GPS location remotely. Use windows GPS location tracker and get access to the target lost/theft PCs and track its location history, like weekly and daily location history by using the Google MAP. Users can watch the location history of the target device virtually using the OgyMogy web portal.

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Location History

Remotely Track Location history of windows PC

If you want to know what is the specific location of someone else windows laptop device then you just need to install OgyMogy software on the target device. From the moment you have installed and activate it on the target device and to the moment you have got access to its control panel, you can get to know the current presence of the target PC. It will provide a complete GPS history of the target laptop device on the MAP using GPS technology. Users will get to know about the daily and weekly history of the PC with a complete time stamp. You can see on the MAP the places where the target device user has moved.

Location History

OgyMogy Location history tracking app designed for:

For Parental perspective:

GPS tracker monitors the location of your target device (PC, laptop desktop), history of windows device using the internet access of the device. Moreover, all the locations uploaded to the online control panel that you can see having access to the dashboard. Moreover, parents can get to know where teens and kids used to spend most of the time after school. Parents can get to know the hidden whereabouts of children to prevent sleepovers with their peers at certain secret places. Besides, parents can view the MAP online to know all the places the device. Parents can come to know the weekly and daily movements of the target device user. It will help out parents to protect teens and kids hanging out with peers at unsafe places and they can restrict children from visiting dangerous places by keeping an eye on teen’s current and exact location.

Location History Parental

Location History Business

For Business perspective:

Private firms do believe in location monitoring of their employees deployed outside the premises of the company for different reasons. Employees are used to hanging out here and there to spend most of the working hours outside the area of deployment. At the end of the day, employees pretend that they were at specific places dictated by the executives. Employers listen to complaints of the clients and usually suffer from losses. Now you can get rid of all the excuses made by the employees by monitoring location movements of your employees using GPS tracker software for PCs. It empowers you to know where your employees were in working hours by pointing you out the placed on MAP such as weekly and daily locations using OgyMogy web portal. It empowers you to catch all the goldbrickers and time wasters in working hours and take every lazy employee accountable and other ones in the discipline.

OgyMogy feature location history enables you to:

  • Point out where employees are present at the moment
  • Remotely monitor current and all visited places of employees
  • Get to know about weekly movements of the target laptop user
  • Get to know daily current and weekly locations of employees
  • Track history of teens movements at regular basis to make sure the safety
  • Point out hidden whereabouts of teens using OgyMgy location tracker app

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