Get activity reports of kids & employees on PCs remotely

The Windows monitoring app is the best tool for parents and employers to get access to the target PCs and keep an eye on activity reports remotely by using the OgyMogy web control panel. From browsing history to keystrokes and from using social media to GPS location of the PCs you can get reports of every activity to happen on the desktop devices with a timestamp.

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Remotely get Activity reports of PC with windows monitoring software

Windows monitoring over the years has risen due to the widespread of laptop and desktop devices everywhere in the world. Therefore, you can also do it, but you need to install OgyMogy on the target device to know what sort of activities are happening on someone else PC to the fullest. You can get to know activity reports from time to time on the target device that will tell you the whole story. You can analyze target device user behavior on the laptop desktop computers without facing technical issues.

Activity Report

OgyMogy feature activity reports designed for:

For Parental perspective:

From text messaging on social messaging apps and to the visiting inappropriate websites on windows, from audio-video calls and to the media sharing, every activity reports are easy to monitor on PCs since windows tracking has become possible. Therefore, parents can easily monitor on kids' and teens' computers whether laptops or desktop. You can get to know activities reports of instant messengers, websites visited, data stored and live screen activities. Moreover, parents can capture screenshots of teen activities on laptop devices. This will empowers parents to make sure teens are doing not something dangerous and inappropriate on their digital devices.

Activity Report Parental

Activity Report Business

For Business perspective:

We all know that human resource attrition rates have become higher over the years due to the dynamic market. Therefore, business owners, these days are desperate to know about the sentiments of the employees towards the company. Dishonest or unhappy employees can damage the company’s reputation and can play a dirty game on business-owned devices in terms of activities like tempering with the data. So, windows monitoring activities can let the employers go through all the activities happen on the devices provided to the employees. Employers can use windows surveillance software to get their hands on the activity reports of employees on desktop PCs to the fullest. Employers can remotely monitor laptop device screen, browsers activities, chats conversations on instant messengers, sent/received emails and shared files with someone.

OgyMogy PC Monitoring App for windows enables you to:

  • Remotely track activity reports on target device
  • Get reports of instant messengers activities on laptop
  • Monitor on shared multimedia on instant messaging apps
  • Live recording of the screen to get all activities reports
  • Monitor teen’s activities on their laptop desktop computers
  • Employers can stay updated what employees are doing on PCs

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