Monitor Google chrome on a computer with MAC spy software

Do you want to know activities happen on MAC laptop and desktop device installed Google chrome browser? Install spying software for Mac on the target device and after finishing the process successfully activate it on the target device. Now having credentials get access to its online control panel and tap on view browsing history to see the browsing history of all the browsers installed on the MAC laptop device. You can secretly get to know every single website visited, bookmarked website, bookmarked webpages and recently closed tabs. You can further upload the entire information to the dashboard.

Google Chrome MAC

OgyMogy Chrome browser history designed for:

For Parental perspective:

The computer devices whether laptops or desktops connected to the internet are vulnerable to young kids and teens. Today, tweens and young children are obsessed with multiple websites they used to visit on their MAC computers. Further, they bookmarked their favorite webpages and websites to use them several times a day. The access to inappropriate content using chrome browser could turn dangerous and sexually explicit for teens. Over the years, adult content has been prevailed in our young generation like fire because of uncontrolled browsing activities of the children on their desktop Mac devices. Parents can use the MAC tracking app on the digital computer of teens to explore installed chrome browser and remain hidden. Parents can see the visited websites with time stamp, frequently visited websites and bookmarked sites and webpages to know what exactly teens are doing on the installed chrome web browser.

Google Chrome MAC Parental

Google Chrome MAC Business

For Business perspective:

The allure of time-wasting activities these days in working hours makes employers suffer from productivity. On the other hand, employees always seem to do hard work in working hours. Now it is up to the leaders how they can put their employees up to the track all the time in working hours. Tracking software for mac can resolve all of the issues of employers but they need to install it on their computer laptop devices. They will monitor remotely chrome history in terms of visited websites, apps, bookmarks of sites and webpages that tell the whole story. If they are wasting time on video streaming websites listen to the music videos and in-case they used to of visiting shopping or entertaining websites they can easily see the entire browser history of Google Chrome. Monitoring software for mac delivers your chrome browsing history with a timestamp into the dashboard.

Google chrome history feature enables you to:

  • Remotely & secretly get access to MAC PC browser
  • Track installed Google chrome browser on computer device
  • Spy on all the visited websites & get to know frequently visited websites
  • Monitor teens Google chrome browser history with time stamp
  • Get to know if teens are watching adult content on the web
  • Get to know if employees are wasting time on the MAC installed chrome browser

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