Remotely remove the OgyMogy app from a computer device

Are you done with tracking on computer devices and you don’t need OgyMogy for any monitoring activity? Now you may want to remove computer tracking software from the target device by using an online dashboard and use remotely remove the application. It empowers you to remove the computer tracking app from the target mac device remotely.

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Remotely Remove App

Remotely remove app on Computer with MAC tracking app dashboard

You can remotely uninstall applications that you think inappropriate or malicious for target MAC laptop and desktop devices using the OgyMogy MAC tracking app. Users can use its dashboard and get access to its powerful remote features such as remove applications. Make little tap on it and then enter the name of the application and it will instantly uninstall programs installed on the target MAC desktop device. So, the user can hover over on the target MAC laptop device remotely and can choose particular apps to remove it with a single click. Save your computer device from harmful programs and app that can steal MAC pc data.

Remotely Remove App MAC

Remotely remove application Feature designed for:

For Parental perspective:

Over the years teen’s screen-time is on the rise because they love to use social media apps, video games, entertaining and musical apps on their laptop and desktop devices. Moreover, parents are scared of hookups or dating. They can remotely remove such apps from the target MAC computer desktop devices with a single click but they have to install MAC tracking software on it. It empowers you to choose all inappropriate applications from the list using the dashboard and uninstall it. So, parents can protect teens from online bullies, stalkers and even from sexual predators. Moreover, parents can get to know if teens are trying for hookups online by watching the presence of dating apps on teens MAC PCs. Gone are the days when parents don’t even know why teens spending too much time on their desktops day and night connected to the internet.

Remotely Remove App MAC Parental

Remotely Remove App MAC Business

For Business perspective:

Employers always want to know a suitable way to monitor employee’s activities on business owned computers. On the other, employers should keep in mind that they don’t need to infringe on the privacy of employees. Employers can remotely view install applications and further remove all time-wasting and data-stealing apps present on business owned desktop devices. Employers can remove Social media apps, instant messengers and other sorts of programs and software remotely from employee’s computers without facing technical issues. It will help out employers to prevent goldbricking activities and to protect intellectual property stored on the laptop MAC computers.

OgyMogy MAC tracking software enables you to:

  • Secretly get access to the target MAC laptop device
  • Remove inappropriate social media platforms installed on computing devices
  • Get to know what types of applications teens have installed on laptops
  • Monitor employees MAC desktops installed program & remove remotely
  • Don’t allow teens to use dangers social media platform on their MAC laptops
  • Use OgyMogy dashboard to view installed programs and for remote removal

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