Use the OgyMogy web portal & remotely reset the license

Are you doing digital parenting for your kids? But suddenly you got to know that your computer tracking app license got expired. You don’t need to worry because you can visit the OgyMogy online dashboard and you can reactivate the license. It enables you to monitor your kid’s online activities and you keep visiting your kid’s mac devices to protect their online safety.

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Remotely Reset License

Remotely reset license of MAC Tracking app using OgyMogy dashboard

If you are using MAC Tracking software and suddenly you have realized the license got expired then you can remotely login to web control panel to reactivate it without facing technical issues. When user has login to dashboard visit the features and tap on remote reset license and you will get the reset activation number. Once you have ended up with the reset license job then you can do the same things again until the monitoring software for MAC expire again. User will not face typical hazels while renewing the license and you don’t need to go back and forth but to login to the dashboard.

Remotely Reset License MAC

OgyMogy web control panel feature reset license designed for:

For Parental perspective:

Parenting online is not an easy job as we do in our real-life. Parents have to use a piece of technology in terms of monitoring software for MAC laptop and desktop devices then they able to know what teens are doing on mac laptops connected to the internet. However, it happens most of the time to parents suddenly license gets expire and they missed plenty of important activities for parental perspective. On the other hand, we have come up with an exceptional feature for tracking MAC computers known as reset license remotely having access to the web control panel. So, parents can instantly reactivate their license and keep looking into the computer desktop devices of tens to make sure their online safety to the fullest.

Remotely Reset License MAC Parental

Remotely Reset License MAC Business

For Business perspective:

Business enterprises are equipped with contemporary MAC laptop and desktop devices. Business owners provide desktop and laptop computers to employees to increase productivity and to meet with the client's demands. So, employers have to keep an eye on employee’s activities on mac laptop devices to keep them into discipline using the MAC surveillance app. In-case the license of any device gets expire you can get access to the OgyMogy web control panel to renew the license again to keep mac monitoring of employees in process in working hours. So, you will not compromise and don’t lose important and regular updates regarding employee’s activities on business owned computer laptops. Besides, dealing with the employee’s productivity metrics having the renewal of the license sets you apart from the rest of the counterfeit products claims as to the best business monitoring tools.

OgyMogy Reset License enables you to:

  • Remotely reactivate the license to keep going surveillance on MAC desktops
  • Constant tracking of all the activities happening on MAC laptops
  • You will not miss little information due to quick reactivation of license
  • Get to know what teens are doing on their digital computers of Mac OS
  • Keep protecting your business from disgruntled employees at workplace
  • Login to dashboard and make tap on red button & get license activation codes

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