Use OgyMogy unlimited device switch to use mac license on another computer

The computer tracking app privilege you with its unlimited device switch feature. You can use a single license on multiple mac computer devices back and forth one by one. Keep in your mind that you can use one license on different OS devices, but you can use the same license on the same OS devices one by one. You can use this feature to set parental control on several kid’s devices.

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Unlimited Device Switch

Unlimited Device Switch enables you to use the same license on multiple MAC computers

MAC monitoring software enables you to use its single license on multiple MAC laptop and desktop computers. However, the user can use the license one by one on multiple MAC desktop devices but cannot use it at the same time. So, the user has the privilege of having one OgyMogy license to switch between the devices when needed. One thing a user should keep in mind that you can switch between MAC OS devices only with the same license. So, the user who wants to track a couple of MAC devices then you can use the license back and forth to the devices.

Unlimited Device Switch MAC

Switch between the devices feature designed for:

For Parental perspective:

Parents who have provided MAC laptop and desktop computers to their children don’t need to have a couple of MAC monitoring app licenses. They can use one license to monitor kid’s activities on their laptops one by one. The best part of it parents will not lose the information while switching one device to another and it will further not intermingled with each other. However, parents want to know about their children's activities on their desktops at the same time then they have to get a couple of licenses. So, parents can easily set parental monitoring on their teen's laptop device running with mac OS. Moreover, parents will upload the information they have got from a couple of devices to the OgyMogy online control panel without facing hazels. Parents would able to read the information separately of both monitored Laptop devices.

Unlimited Device Switch MAC Parental

Unlimited Device Switch MAC Business

For Business perspective:

An employer who is running a small business and they have equipped their few employees with MAC computers they don’t need to have plenty of licenses to make checks on their activities. They can use a single license of MAC tracking software on their employee’s laptop devices one by one and keep looking into their activities in working hours. On the other hand, if you want to see your employee’s activities at the same time then you have to get each license for every single MAC laptop or desktop device. If you believe in switching one device to another one by one with the same license even then it is very helpful because it will not mix up your gathered information from multiple laptop devices running with MAC OS. You can easily upload the information from the target laptop desktop devices without facing technical issues.

OgyMogy unlimited device switch enables you to:

  • User can switch between MAC laptop and desktops
  • Use single license on multiple computers one by one
  • Get data of multiple MAC laptop devices without any issue
  • Upload the data of the monitored devices in same web portal
  • Monitor your teens couple of desktops one by one same license
  • Track multiple devices of employees one by one with same license

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