OgyMogy lets user to have Unlimited OS version Switch with same license

If the user is tracking someone’s MAC device and after some time, he/she has ended up with the job and want to track a laptop or desktop device with other OS then OgyMogy lets the user switch unlimited OS version with the same license. Mac tracking app happens to a kind of tool that can be used on multiple platforms but you have to switch between the OS with the same license. You can instantly switch between the operating systems when needed using the dashboard provides state of the art features.

Unlimited Os Version Switch MAC

Unlimited operating systems switch feature designed for:

For Parental perspective:

It happens mostly parents have to buy laptop and desktop computers to their children of their choice running with different operating systems. So, they have to monitor their children's laptop activities to make sure their digital safety. Therefore, mac monitoring software enables parents to use a single license on kid’s different devices running with different OS. Parents can switch from one OS to another with the same license but they can track only one laptop device at a time. If you want to spy on all the devices of your children at the same time you have to have multiple licenses, but you can use single license one by one back and forth. So, parents can set parental control on teens and kids' computers and upload the information of several MAC laptop devices to the single dashboard. However, having multiple subscriptions you will have a separate dashboard for each license.

Unlimited Os Version Switch MAC Parental

Unlimited Os Version Switch MAC Business

For Business perspective:

A business organization does not require MAC tracking software multiple licenses for every single laptop device running with different OS. Employers can use its single OgyMogy license on different OS computer devices because it lets you unlimited operating systems switch. It means you can use a license on various OS laptop devices one by one but you cannot use it at the same time. If you want to track your employee’s activities you can remotely upload the information without mixing it to the dashboard. No matter how many devices you have monitored of several OS you can upload all of its information to the single web control panel. Users can easily differentiate between all the monitored and uploaded to the online control panel.

OgyMogy Unlimited switches enable you to:

  • Use single license on multiple OS laptop and desktop devices
  • Switch between several OS with the same license
  • Unlimited OS version switches but gathers data in single dashboard
  • Spy on teens multiple OS devices on by one with same license
  • Surveillance on employees multiple OS laptops with single license
  • Use online dashboard to switch between OS version