OgyMogy provide unlimited OS version switch remotely from the dashboard

Suppose you are using the windows tracking app on your windows device to set parental control on your child. Moreover, you want to change the device, but the new device is running with Mac OS, then you can convert your subscription and subscribe to the mac tracking app and use it on the target device. The application provides users unlimited OS version switch one by one.

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Unlimited Os Version Switch

Get Unlimited OS version switch using windows tracking software on PCs

Windows tracking app is the best monitoring tool for users that allow you to get unlimited OS version switch on laptop and desktop devices running with the different operating system using OgyMogy tracking app. It means the user can use a single OgyMogy license on multiple devices and as well as a device running with different operating systems. You can use it on windows and MAC laptop and desktop PCs. However, when it comes to tracking multiple devices running with different OS versions simultaneously you need to have multiple subscriptions. Users can only switch OS versions of PCs if they want to do surveillance back and forth.

Unlimited Os Version Switch

Windows tracking software feature OS version switch designed for:

For Parental perspective:

Parents who have provided PCs to their children and all of the devices have different OS versions possibly require the number of tracking apps for windows. If you are parents and you think the same then put your worries to rest you can track your teen's laptop desktop device with a single OgyMogy license no matter if the PCs are of different OS. You can use a single license on all the devices of different OS versions back and forth and get to know what kids and teens are doing on the web. Parents don’t require paying for multiple licenses. On the other hand, if you want to track on your children's computer devices at the same time then you have to get multiple subscriptions according to the OS of the PCs.

Unlimited Os Version Parental

Unlimited Os Version Bsuiness

For Business perspective:

Small businesses based on few employees these days also need tracking of employee’s activities in working hours on the company’s owned computers such as windows and MAC. If you have one or two kinds of devices of different OS version then you can use a single license for each OS PC. You can use your licenses one by one on your devices running with several operating systems. On the other hand, you can change your license OS at any point in time with the same subscription rather than to get a new one every single time. This will help out small business owners to get a couple of subscriptions to monitor employee’s laptop desktop devices of different OS versions. However, large business organizations based on hundreds of employees require a number of licenses to track on employees' activities at the same time. In case, you want to monitor a few devices then you can purchase a single license to use it back and forth on suspicious employees.

Windows Monitoring software Feature OS switch enables you to:

  • You can switch between the OS of target PCs
  • Use one license on different OS of the computers
  • Monitor your teen’s devices of different OS with same license
  • Track your employees PCs of different OS with single license
  • Track on windows and MAC OS PCs with single OgyMogy license
  • Get to know what is happening on windows & MAC computer with single subscription

Windows tracking app Features in OgyMogy give you peace of mind and enables you to track on PCs to safeguard your kids and protect your business secrets.

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