Remotely monitor Windows device status secretly

Users can track on any windows desktop device without talking into the custody and get to know about the device's status for sure. Windows Tracking software lets you know about the device information, like device history, device location, Wi-Fi connection, and battery consumption to the fullest. Now you can get access to the online dashboard and track device status.

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Get Window Device Status Remotely using Window Tracking app dashboard

Windows Tracking software delivers information regarding plenty of things on the target PC device using its dashboard. Taking typical surveillance on PCs aside, it informs you about the accurate GPS location of the device, location history, how much battery of the laptop device has used, and last but not the least Wi-Fi connectivity of the device. Moreover, it delivers the information related to the device such as the Name of the device carrier, Model of the device and storage. Having such deep information on target computer devices nothing you will leave unattended.

Device Status

Window tracking software Feature Device Status designed for:

For Parental perspective:

Windows tracker software is one of the best parental controls for modern digital parents who always want to set parental control on kids and teens digital devices like windows computer. Now, parents can get access to the information on their target laptop device that you have never heard before. You can get to know the current and pinpoint GPS locations of children's devices to know where they are at the moment. Moreover, parents can come to know the consumption of the windows device battery remotely from the OgyMogy control panel. However, you will get to know the storage information of your target laptop desktop device. This will help out parents to know about the Wi-Fi connectivity of the device and last but not least memory of the computer device.

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Device Status Business

For Business perspective:

Windows monitoring app remotely gets access to your employee's PCs after you have successfully install OgyMogy on the target laptop device. Moreover, you can visit the dashboard and further get to know about the accurate location, location history of the window laptop computer device. Moreover, the user can get to know how much storage the device left and memory. Employers can get information related to the internet connectivity of the device in terms of Wi-Fi and others. Besides, you can see how much battery of the windows laptop device has left with a complete time stamp. So, apart from typical tracking on employee’s activities employers can get the device information remotely using online dashboard.

Windows Monitoring software Feature Device info enables you to:

  • Get access to target computer & get to know about internet connectivity
  • Monitor how much battery of laptop device has been consumed
  • Track GPS history and location of the PCs remotely
  • Get to know about device memory & PC’s storage
  • Monitor kids and teens current location by tracking their PCs GPS location
  • Surveillance on employees location in working hours

Windows Tracking app Features in OgyMogy give you peace of mind and enables you to track on PCs to safeguard your kids and protect your business secrets.

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