What is Block Internet While Driving?

Block internet while driving can provide a remote control power to the end user in terms of parenting and as well as in employee monitoring. End user can remotely block the internet access on the target cell phone device of android by using the remote parental control app when teens are driving vehicle and using cellphone to avoid accidents.

Block Internet Access on Cellphone While Teens are Driving

Block Internet

The young teenagers are very adventures and they use cell phone connected to the internet while they are behind the wheels. So, it could be very dangerous. However, cell phone spy software enable parents to block internet access on the target device remotely by using the block internet while driving tool and can protect their teens from accidents.

Restrict Target

You can restrict your target device and limit the access of the internet for your teens especially when they are at driving seat of the vehicle. You can make them to obey traffic roles and can block the activities of the phone and can block internet to restrict them not to use social media and other stuff with help of mobile phone spy software.

Get Data Via Web Portal

If you already have installed the android spying app on teens phone and you have seen them on the vehicle and using cell phone. Simply, you can send a remote command on the target mobile phone block the internet access within no time remotely.

Remotely block to the cyberspace access on the target device while user is driving

In the modern world the GPRS is less than blessing for the cell phone users that provide access to the internet on android cell phone device. It seems very helpful being a young mobile phone user connecting at school or office and at the market. All these facilities are helpful, but sometime these are very dangerous and risky when it comes to using the internet on the android device while driving. It could lead the target cell phone user to accident.

Obviously, when parents get their eyes on the stats of accidents using cell phone device behind the wheels using internet as instant messaging apps, text messages and receive calls. Parents usually advise their teens that don’t use the cell phone devices and use internet while driving. But the youngsters don’t bother to such advises at all. On the other hands parents become helpless to the stop or restrict their teens to use the cell phones behind the wheels and they have nothing but remain worried about their teen son or daughter.


With OgyMogy cell phone monitoring software the dangerous and adventures activities can be stopped in order to protect the teens using the phones of android connected to the internet behind the wheels. User can virtually suppress their desires to disobey the rules and make sure their safety.

All you need to do is to subscribe for the cell phone monitoring app and install it on the target device having physical access. Further, you can get access to the online control panel and use the remotely block the internet while driving, SMS and incoming calls.

With OgyMogy you can:

  • Block the internet on the target device remotely
  • Fix the speed limits to control the web connectivity
  • Block incoming/outgoing calls remotely
  • Block the emails remotely sent/received
  • Block the use of instant messaging apps
  • Block web surfing on the target device remotely
  • All above mentioned activities can be blocked remotely by blocking the internet except SMS and calls

How block internet while driving tools is very useful for users?

Parents can use this tools for parenting concerns such as young teenagers usually use the cell phone devices behind the wheels and do activities such as send and receive text messages, calls and last but not the least use of internet. This type of dangerous activity can leads them towards the fatal accidents and ultimately to death. Parent can protect their kids and teens using the mobile phones of android behind the wheels and can remotely block the activities that can put your son or daughter’s life at stake. All you need to do is to use the cell phone parenting app and then get access to the device and install the monitoring app on it. Further, get access to the online control panel by using the credentials and use the block internet blocking tools remotely. This will really help out the parents to block the incoming outgoing calls, use of internet, and block SMS remotely and plenty of other activities that are possible with the connectivity of the target device with the internet. Resultantly you will be able to protect your kids and prevent cell phone activities of your teens behind the wheels.