Remotely track on android phone for digital parenting & employee monitoring

Remote tracking app enables users to access target android phone. It can remotely block text messages, phone calls, and internet access on the target phone. Parents can teen interact with strangers online at any point in time. Remotely prevent employee calls, send messages, and use of the internet. Now you can enjoy remote surveillance on kids and employees.

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Remote Monitoring

Cell phone tracker app best for remote monitoring on Android

When it comes to tracking on android devices remotely Ogymogy empowers you to execute surveillance and control target device activities. Users can gather information about every single activity performed on target mobile and further empowers you to control or block activities. You can block unwanted squall of calls, text messages and last but not least you can block internet access on the target device. It means you can sabotage plenty of activities best remote phone controller software. You can use this particular feature for remote tracking on your target device without facing troubles and get instant results.

Remote Monitoring

Android surveillance app tool remote monitoring designed for:

For Parental perspective:

Digital parents want to make sure young digital citizens unaware of the fact that the digital world is full of nightmares. Parents can set parental control on teen’s android phones and further perform remote tracking on their social media activities. Besides, seemingly inappropriate activities on social media and via texting in terms of sexting are controllable with mobile tracking software. It enables parents to block internet access and block text messages on children's devices to protect them from online predators and sexual exposure. Parents can perform remote monitoring once they have successfully set up a cellphone tracking app on teen’s digital devices.

Remote Monitoring Parental

Remote Monitoring Business

For Business perspective:

Employee’s reportedly waste time in working hours and the survey stated that average employees waste 1.7 hours out of 8 working hours regularly. However, the activities of employees could be different from one another on the company’s owned devices. Employers can remotely prevent employee’s time-wasting and doubtful activities on the company’s owned android tablets and smartphones. They can block the internet for a while if they are visiting social sites, entertaining and online shopping sites. Moreover, business owners can block texting and incoming calls of employees remotely with cell phone monitoring apps.

OgyMogy Remote monitoring on cellphones enables you to:

  • Gather information from target mobiles & tablets
  • Track on every single activity happen on target device
  • Remotely block cyberspace access on target device
  • Remotely block text messages on target tablet device
  • Block internet on when teens are talking to strangers on social media
  • Block incoming calls on business owned mobile devices

OgyMogy Features that provide you a complete insight into the android cellphone for digital parenting & employee monitoring.

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