Track on every keystroke typed on windows PCs keypad remotely

Use windows monitoring software and remotely get access to the target computing device to capture types of keystrokes typed with the schedule. Users can get access to the OgyMogy web portal and watch keystrokes typed of passwords, messenger, messages, and email keystrokes remotely. Monitor keystrokes typed and get access to windows activity.

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View typed keystrokes on windows PC using keylogger software

If you are up to monitoring someone else computer device then you can use keylogger for windows to get eyes on the target device entire keystrokes history to view typed keystrokes. This is all you can do using OgyMogy keylogger software. Furthermore, get access to its dashboard and get your hands on the keylogger tool to discover every single key applied by the target device user on the keyboard. You will be able to get all the keys whether it is the password, messenger credentials keys, email keystrokes, and last but not the least message keys.

View Typed Key Strokes

OgyMogy feature View typed keystrokes for windows designed for:

For Parental perspective:

Parents who are looking forward to monitoring kids' and teens' PC passwords, social media conversations, instant messenger’s passwords, and email keys; you can use Keylogger software for PC to get the job done. It empowers parents to view all the types of keys on the target device keyboard with a complete time stamp. So, parents can track on messages and chats on teens PCs installed on social media platforms. Moreover, you can read the content of the sent/received emails of Gmail and taking further step ahead parents can get to know about the keys applied while doing browsing activities on the web. So, parents can read the conversations, text messages of teens on social messaging apps secretly. So, reveal the keys to the target computer device to know what is happening on the children's device.

Typed Key Strokes Parental

Typed Key Strokes Business

For Business perspective:

keylogger for windows delivers your complete history of the keystrokes applied to the business owned devices provided to the employees. It empowers you to stay updated about all the activities employees have performed in working hours. Employers can track on emails sent/received, read messages and chats on windows running email of Gmail account and last but not the least get your hands on applied passwords. You will get access to communicational activities, messenger’s credentials and text typed in emails. So, employers have better chances to stay about the activities of employees in working hours on windows laptops or desktops PCs. Moreover, you can get to know about the productivity of your employees and lastly, you can have passwords of certain activities to go through activities of instant messengers by yourself to read about the hidden truth.

Best hidden keystrokes logger enables you to:

  • View password keystrokes applied on target computer
  • See messenger’s applied keys with time stamp
  • Get access to the email sent/received keys on target PC
  • Monitor and track keystrokes applied on chats & messages
  • Track on teens passwords applied on social platforms
  • Get access employees PC’s keyboard activities remotely

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