Remotely capture screenshots on demand of window PC screen

The documented proofs of every activity on windows screens are beneficial for you for various points of view. Now questions arise how you can document every single activity happen on target PC? Here is the answer you need to install the OgyMogy spy app for windows on the target laptop device and get access to its online control panel. Now you can use an on-demand screenshot feature to capture screenshots of target computer devices remotely and get access to captured ones using the dashboard. This would be evident for you to have activities in a documented form to use it for various purposes.

Screenshot On Demand

Windows spy software tool screenshot on demand designed for:

For Parental perspective:

These days parents want to manage what kids and teens are searching on their computer devices installed browsers. Moreover, they also want to know what sort of activities they are doing on their PCs in terms of social media platforms. Besides, all the activities, parents are concerned about the protection of teens from online bullying and as well as dating with strangers online in particular. Windows tracking app is there for parents to make on-demand screenshots of teen’s laptop devices whenever they need to have it. Parents can remotely make screenshots and get to know what they are doing on their digital devices with a complete time stamp. This will enable parents to what sort of activities teens are doing on social media websites, apps and empowers them to prevent teen’s interaction with online predators.

Screenshot On Demand Parental

Screenshot On Demand Business

For Business perspective:

Employee’s productivity is the backbone of every individual business firm and today business owners are facing issues related to lack of productivity due to the goldbricking activities of employees. Therefore, employers want to know what employees are doing on business owned desktops PCs. So, they can use the Ogymogy tracking app for windows to capture on-demand screenshots back to back and get access to the online control panel to get your hands on the captured images. Employers can get to know every single activity employees have performed on target PC. So, business owners can protect the business, increase productivity and keep employees in the discipline.

Windows spy app feature screenshot on demand enables you to:

  • Use Online control panel to capture on –demand screenshots
  • Remotely make screenshots of target PC screen
  • Capture multiple screenshots on target windows device
  • Get to know what teens are doing on target computer device
  • Track every single browsing and social media activity
  • Monitor employees secret activities on laptops screen