Switch OgyMogy to multiple OS devices with the same license

You can switch your cellphone monitoring software license to multiple operating systems after removing it from the previous device. You don’t need to subscribe again for another OS device, but you can switch from one OS license to another. Now you can monitor on more than one OS devices one by one by switching from one to another OS having the same subscription.

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multiple platform support

OgyMogy provide multiple platform support having single license

You can make your mind while monitoring on any device running with a particular OS to change the target device alongside the operating system having a single license. A mobile monitoring app provide you an option to change the device anytime no matter if it is running with another operating system. It means you can switch from android to windows and, MAC at any point in time without buying another license to track devices with different OS. You can enjoy surveillance on multiple devices of the different OS by exchanging the previously purchased license without paying any further.

multiple platform support

Multiple platform support feature designed for:

For Parental perspective:

It is a tough job for parents to set parental control on kids and teen digital devices especially when kids have devices of different OS. You may think more kids you have more you will buy licenses. Well, not in the OgyMogy case. You can use one license on plenty of devices and OS but one by one. You can switch devices of android to MAC and windows back and forth when needed. It means mobile monitoring app has come up with the flexibility and empowers parents to protect their children from real –life and online life dangers to the fullest without paying too much.

multiple platform support Parental

multiple platform support Business

For Business perspective:

Employers can switch the device and the OS of the license when needed. You can get multiple platform support with phone monitoring software. You can change OS such as android to MAC, windows and vice Versa. It means once you have decided to change the target device alongside the OS you have to change the OS of your license and you can exchange with the customer service support. Moreover, you have to install it on the target device to get access to the control panel to take the target device of your employees under surveillance.

OgyMogy tool multiple platform support enables you to:

  • You can get multiple platform switches with the same license
  • You can get multiple OS switches with same license
  • You can monitor android device to windows and MAC by changing your licenses
  • Track your teens devices running with different OS by changing OS of license
  • Do surveillance on employees multiple OS devices by changing the OS of license
  • However, you can monitor single device at a time with a single license

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