What is Block Texting While Driving?

Block texting while driving if one of the best and effective parenting tool of the cellphone spy app for android. It enables parents to remotely block texting over the target device when the target user is used of texting while driving. Parents can stop their teens to send and receive text messages when they are behind the wheels.

Stop Teen’s Texting While Driving with Android Spy App

Sent Messages

You can remotely block texting while driving when your target person is sending the text messages. You just need to use the remote parental control app for android on the target device and can do your of blocking sent text messages on the target device remotely in order to protect your target person from a brutal accident.

Received Messages

User can also easily block all the received text messages on your target android cell phone and gadgets remotely by using the android monitoring software. This will help you out for parenting if your teens are used to texting even when they are driving the vehicle.

Activate SMS Blocking

First of all you have to install the mobile phone spy software for android on your target device having physical access on it and further you need to get access to its web portal. Once you have it, then you just need to activate the remote SMS blocking tool and send the command on the target device. Resultantly, you will come to know that you will be able to block texting of the target person remotely.

Use the gear of the control panel & remotely control text messages on the target device

Parents these days are concerned over teenagers use of cell phones I terms of text messages behind the wheels. Text messages while driving activity has responsible for thousands of accidents and deaths every year. The activity basically distracts the driver while driving and the young teenagers are the most frequents communities that uses cell phone and do text messages while driving. Therefore, parents have to control their texting habit behind the wheels to the fullest, but the question has arisen how it is possible?


The answer is crystal and clear that you need to use the OgyMogy cell phone monitoring software that enable you to remotely control the target device. There is no need to know on what speed your teens has driving the vehicle. You just need to know your target person is driving and you need to control the cell phone device that could be used for text messages. Therefore, with the OgMogy monitoring software you can:

  • Remotely block their sent or received text messages
  • Block the device access remotely
  • Monitor the speed remotely to avoid their over speeding
  • Use the gears of the control panel and activate the sms blocking feature

Why to use the SMS blocking feature?

Stats shows that 1 out of 4 accidents in United states are a results of text messaging while driving and most of the teenagers are responsible for the road accidents due to distract driving. Investigations and forensic predictions the road accidents due to the usage of cell phone in the near future will become fifth largest cause of death.

Therefore, parents have to keep an eye on their teen’s cell phone usage activities such as texting while driving. They can remotely block the text messages they sent or received with the help of OgyMogy block texting while driving tool. All they need to do is to get access to the online control panel if they have already install the cell phone monitoring software on the target android device and then block the texting remotely to prevent the fatal accidents to the fullest.