What is Block Incoming Calls?

Block incoming calls on the target device are possible with the remote parental control app. It enables user to remotely control the target device and block all incoming calls especially when the target user is driving a vehicle. Once you have installed cellphone spy app for android, you can block all incoming calls on your target cellphone.

Use Android Spy App to Restrict Calls While Driving

Record Call Logs

You can record the calls logs and even listen the call recording and get to know to whom your target person is having a conversations by using the secret call recorder of the OgyMogy call recording app. Moreover, you can block the calls of the strangers to the fullest with help of block incoming calls of the Android monitoring software.

View List of Calls

User can view the complete list of all incoming or outgoing calls on your target mobile phone device by using the recorded calls of the cell phone monitoring software. However, if you realize that the person who is calling on your teens phone are stranger and his number is not been saved. So you can simply block the incoming calls of the strangers remotely on the target cell phone device.

Set Parental Control

Secret call recording software enable you to listen to the calls of the on the target mobile phone device. if your teens are having conversation with the stranger, then you can remotely block incoming calls by using the cell phone parental control app and you can remotely block the calls within no time.

Remotely block incoming calls on the target Android Phone

It is very common activity these days young kids and teens approach the opposite gender or someone has to lurk towards your teens and got the contact number via peers of your child or via engaging and trapping them online. The person who has got your teen’s contact could be an online or real-life predator and try to engage your teen via cell phone calls to get their means such as sexual relationship or bully them online or in a real –world. The situation could be very dangerous once your teens trapped by someone in real-life or in cyber life or then exchanged the contacts. You may have seen some teens talking on their cell phone all day long; it may be trapped by a stranger and over the years numbers of cases have reported where teens have manipulated by strangers having their cell phone number. So, parents have to take some action against stranger’s incoming calls, and they need to block these calls remotely.


How is it possible to block incoming calls remotely?

The question has arisen that how parents can deal with the incoming calls by the strangers on teen’s android devices. Furthermore, how parents can make sure that to stop the calls of the strangers on the target cell phone and parents get to know to whom they are making audio conversations and what to do to deal with the incoming calls on kids and teens cell phone. OgyMogy have all the reasonable answers of all the questions parents have in their mind to prevent incoming calls on teen’s cell phone. They can remotely control kids and teen’s cellular interactions remotely.

With OgyMogy you can do:
  • View the entire list of incoming calls
  • View call logs with the complete time schedule
  • Block the stranger’s incoming calls on the android phone
  • Change the contact list, add or remove when needed
  • Listen to the calls remotely
  • Use parental control to take remote actions

How remotely block incoming calls works?

Install the cell phone monitoring app on the target android cell phone and then access to the online control panel with the passcode and ID that you have earned at the time of subscription. Once you have got access to the dashboard then visit the remotely android controller tools and use the remotely block strangers incoming calls tool. You need to send the command on the target android phone and once it’s been received all the incoming calls will automatically and remotely blocked on teen’s cell phone.


How it is useful for parenting?

Parents can remotely block incoming calls on the kids and teens cell phone if strangers trying to approach incoming calls or already trapped teens online and then have exchanged the contacts. Then it would be very helpful for parents to prevent teens from stranger’s incoming calls. This is how remotely stranger’s calls blocking is the best of the best tool for parenting.