What is view Saved Videos?

View saved videos is the powerful tool of cell phone monitoring software. It empowers the user to remotely get ingress into the territory of the target mobile phone gadgets and allow user to view stored videos into the gallery. This tool is the best for parenting to protect teens and kids from self –obscenity.

Monitor Saved Video into Phone Gallery with Phone Data Spy App

Messenger Videos

User can monitor all the videos of the social media apps that have been downloaded to the cell phone gallery or uploaded to the instant messaging apps. You just need to use the view save videos of the android spy app on the target device and get your hands on the videos downloaded/uploaded of the social media apps.

Camera Roll

You can view saved videos of the target cell phone gallery that the target person have made via cell phone camera with the use of view videos tool of the cell phone spy app. It means parents can use to set parental control on kids and teens cell phone devices.


Now monitor all the downloaded videos saved into the target cell phone gallery with the use of cell phone monitoring app on the target device. User can remotely get access to the target device downloaded videos having access to the online control panel of the phone spy app for android.

OgyMogy video logging monitoring software

Watching videos these days is one of the most useful activities among the young generation. Parents are very curious why young kids and teens used to of downloading the videos online and spend hours and hours watching the video content in their personal rooms. We all know that video conten can exploit children such as carnal content and the videos that make kids and teens to learn adventures and self –harming methods.


On the other hand, employees also view the videos and download it on the company’s owned devices and often waste time within the working hours. Parents and employers can monitor the downloaded, transferred videos in target phone gallery of the children and employees respectively with OgyMogy video logging monitoring app.

How OgyMogy remote video monitoring logger works?

Install the remotely video logging monitoring app on the target device and then use the passcode and ID and get access to the online control panel and visit the multimedia monitoring tool and tap on the saved video tool. This will enable user to get access to the target cell phone of android gallery that and user can view all the video stored and photos stored in the phone to the fullest.