OgyMOgy Phone Spy App is Full of Monitoring Treasures

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Don’t make hypothesis, just act fast and get started with the cell phone monitoring app and explore all activities happen on the target cell phone device by using the best digital parenting and employee monitoring features.


Check phone internet browser activities


Access Gmail. Read emails sent or received

Phone Controller

Terminate messages, phone calls & internet

View messages

Read sent or received SMS, and MMS


Passwords, messenger and email keys


Shared text, photos, videos and Emojis

Phone activities

Contacts, calendars and tasks logs

Instant Alerts

Get instant alerts of phone SIM card changed

How OgyMogy Works?

download Download application

  • Subscribe for cell phone & employee monitoring app

  • Install it over the device having physical access

  • Get access to online control panel

checkStart kid’s Digital Parenting

Monitor child activities no matter if they are using cell phones or gadgets and safeguard your children’s online safety.

Get OgyMogy Now

You need physical access to install Ogymogy

OgyMogy Features Bank to Spy on Cell Phones and Gadgets

You can subscribe with the best parenting and employee monitoring eye-opening OgyMogy features without breaking the bank. Let’s get started with the leading and exciting parental control powers that further empower you to protect your business entities from disgruntled & lazy employees.

What OgyMogy Features Offers More?

You can record and listen to the calls with secret call recorder and spy on social media messengers and further can track the pinpoint location of your target. No matter what your target is up to on the mobile phone screen, you can remotely perform screen recording and listen to the surround sounds and can view surround visuals. However, you can monitor browsing activities of your children and can monitor emails of employees respectively. What else you want if you are able to get keystrokes applied on the target cell phone device with a complete time stamp.

You have any questions?

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What OgyMOgy ensure?

It guarantees you about your children’s digital safety and keeps you updated what they are up to on devices.

Is OgyMOgy safe to use?

Without the shadow of the doubt, it works with complete accuracy, efficiency, and provides your results in time

Why OgyMOgy charge us?

“Time is money”, it saves, your time and money and provides you reasonable digital parenting services.